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I Don't Care

by Producher Beats

"I Don't Care" is the latest single PHB has released.

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Album Art

Miss Beats

By ProducHer Beats

"Miss Beats" is PHB’s second independent album. PHB decided to get behind the mic on this one and hit you with some bars!

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ProducHer Beats

Producer / Songwriter

It was a cold New York night on the 25th of March. A night that will never be forgotten for a promising young producer. The room is full of the most loyal hip-hop fans that wait anxiously to hear who will be crowned at this beat battle. The stage is set. The audience bops their head back and forth in unison when listening to the first three beat makers. Then, a small, petite young woman takes her place in the spotlight. The predominantly male audience gives an intimidating stare wondering if this young lady can handle her own. She looks back with no fear. The beat drops. A strong roar dashes throughout the building. Sounds of approval shake the walls. People are in disbelief. At the end of the song the crowd is on their toes wanting to know more about this small titan. She embraces them with a smile and says, “I am ProducHer Beats.”

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